Human Resources

flokser  The Human Resources Department which was established with the intention of providing a creative and constructive workplace environment by incorporating all human resources applications that our suitable to our corporate culture and which are required by our employees for executing their professions in a qualified and efficient manner which requires continuous maintenance of all technical equipment and capabilities necessitated in the modern times, operates under the General Management. The common values comprising the basis of success of the group and which arise from the leadership characteristics of the founding chairman of Flokser Textile, honorable Rafet Tükek, have been comprehended and adopted by all employees and constituted a culture of being a member of Flokser.

“Human” is primary at Flokser Textile. In terms of human resources wise, it becomes integrated within the frame of concepts of general management principles based on corporate values, participative management, leadership, respectability, quality, accurate information, flexibility, creating values and authorization.

Taking on a fundamental task of recruiting candidates with the potential of being able to “guide the future” and who are going to help our company reach its objectives in general, the Human Resources department also adopts the service concepts that would make the employees and their families smile and be happy “on and off the working hours” besides conducting performance assessments to improve the capacities of the employees which are based on continuous training, effective, fair and objective assessment methods, and also implements human resources applications such as realistic career planning, effective wage management, appreciation and recognition system and proposal rewarding system.

“Our goal is a happy employee and a successful company.”

Let’s shape the future together.

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