Decorate your home with health…

Your clothes and even the armchairs you sit in may contain chemicals that affect your health. Flokser Textile, turning your homes into practical, modern and comfortable places with upholstery leather, suede and fabric products, also offers quality along with health by producing upholstery leather free of hazardous chemicals.

The ever changing world is now endorsing healthy productions in all areas of life, not only in the food industry.

Only seen as a detail, the upholstery of all kinds which we usually only pay attention to its models may also threaten our health.

Flokser Textile doesn’t use phthalate and other toxic raw materials regarded as hazardous to human health in its technical leather manufacturing in order to provide for healthier and more independent living quarters. Flokser Textile with 30 years of experience in the furniture upholstery industry, recommends the consumers to use fabrics free from chemicals.

Flokser Textile doesn’t use chemicals regarded as hazardous in its manufacturing because of its diligence towards being environmental friendly and due to the attention paid to health.

Flokser Textile also highlights the health-wise importance of manufacturing in compliance with Oeko Tex 100 Standard which is applied and accepted by 40 countries across the world and which indicates that hazardous chemicals aren’t used during the processing stages of all the raw materials and intermediates in the textile industry. Following these standards in its manufacturing, Flokser Textile is leading the way for excluding chemical substances from our living quarters. Prefer products with natural ingredients in every aspects of your lives, so as to protect yourself and your beloved ones…